DUET - Trailer


RUTH - Harriet Barrow
ADAM - Michael Rivers
JOE - Joe Briggs
RUBY - Katy Ehrlich


Written and directed by Floris Driebergen

Produced by Pilar Cartró Benavides & Floris Driebergen

Director of Photography - Thomas Terminet

Editor- George Hayward

Music - Katy Ehrlich

1st Assistant Director - Julian Alexander
1st Assistant Director Trainee - Tudor Stefan

1st Assistant Camera - Sinan Yilmaz
Camera Trainee - Kevin Cardoso
Gaffer - Alex Rice
Spark - Ali Alajeeli

Sound Recordist - Finlay Blackett
Sound Designer & Mixer - Massimiliano Borghesi

Colourist - Alex O’Brien

Production Assistants - Jéromine Bertrand & Christelle Tumba

Catering - Family Kitchen in Hackney

Special Thanks
Lauriane & Tom Stoddart
Pierre-Yves Festoc & Sean Stevens
Leanne Ladbury & the team at Focus24
and everyone in the cast & crew

Pili Mili Films